Mental Health Awareness

Although Lovely Lane focused on May as officially being “Mental Health Month”, we hope that you will continue to educate, advocate, and support mental well (being for yourself and others all year long!  You can be a part of the mental wellness solution by signing the NAMI Pledge to...
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“Music” poem

My heart is filled with music. It almost overflows. My life is on a music staff, And this is what it shows:   Staccato and legato, ritardandos too. An entire symphony, That plays my whole life through.   When somber times arise, The music plays real slow. Minor chords...
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A Note from Home

A Note from Home – June 2017

– Walter Brueggemann How comfortable is your faith?  When was the last time God touched your heart and moved you to do something challenging and even risky?  If it’s not happening, then maybe the god you’re listening to is not God at all.  I know that I tend to read...
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