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UMW – “Thanks for Garage Sale Donations”

LOVELY LANE’S UNITED METHODIST WOMEN WOULD LIKE TO SAY THANK YOU…. Thanks to everyone who donated items for this year’s garage sale! It was a success, making $831.45. The proceeds will be used to support our various mission projects around the world, our state,...
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CWM November Report

Enrichment groups have begun for Before and After School Daycare students (BASE) the 1stof November. We have 8 choices: Watercolor Wonders, Othello, Let’s Build It – Knex, Newt-tonians, Pierce Gym, Creative Cupcakes; Super Sun-catchers; & “We Care for Animal Friends”...
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Kids Club

Kid’s Club:   All Preschool-5th graders are invited to attend Kid’s Club on Wednesdays:   A family meal takes place at 5:30 PM and Kid’s Club starts at 6 PM. To be added to the mailing list for electronic information about Kid’s Club or if you wish to serve in the Kid’s...
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A Note from Home

A Note From Home

Nearly all the churches that I know of are nonprofit organizations, but did you know that there are also many churches that are “non-prophet” organizations as well? I’m talking about churches that have lost their prophetic spirit and their moral vision. They no longer “dream the...
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