Additional Building Renovations in 2021

As the new year begins, we are leveraging the momentum gained in 2020 to complete Phase 1 of our renovation plan with the following improvements:

Foyer, Narthex, Fireside and Sanctuary – LED lighting, ceiling tiles, pew restoration, flooring, furnishings, paint, organ bulkhead removal with new A/V console, electrical upgrades, HVAC
unit replacement, glass entry to Sanctuary and door entry to Fireside for sound reduction
Main bathrooms – ADA accessible, replace cast iron plumbing with plastic
Building security – access controls and exterior cameras
Fellowship Hall – general repairs, durable flooring, paint and furnishings
HVAC replacement – replace two failing units in basement that serve west side of building

Work is scheduled to begin in January and end in June. The cost to complete this work is nearly $700,000 and will be paid for through fulfilled pledges to the capital campaign and a loan through the Iowa United Methodist Foundation.

Please continue to fulfill your pledge to the campaign and prayerfully consider how you can further our progress. Your kind and generous spirit is appreciated!

The Core Building team is planning an opportunity for small groups of individuals and/or families to come on site to see the completed renovation work and learn more about the upcoming renovations. Specific details will be shared soon! In the meantime, go to for the latest information.

Blessings for a happy new year! Amber Mulnik, Project Manager, Building Renovations