Angel Tree Tags

Angel Tree Tags

We have four different entities submitting tags for our Angel Tree this year. This is to help give guidelines on the differences of how each is handled. Some tags have already been placed on the Angel Tree which is located just outside the church offices.

All gifts must be returned by December 6th in order to be distributed on time.

Trinity Lane

Gifts are to be purchased as in the past based on wishes on each Angel tag. There will be approximately 35 of these tags. Please do not wrap any of the gifts. Attach the Angel tag securely to the gift or bag containing the gifts.

Tanager Place

These are for children and some others in a family unit. There will be approximately 20 of these tags. Purchase gifts based on the wishes on each tag. Again please do not wrap any of the gifts and firmly attach the Angel tag to the gift or gift bag.

Four Oaks

We adopted 10 children for the Four Oaks Holiday project. It is asked we purchase two presents each for each child. The specific gifts they ask for are listed on each tag. The stipulation here is not to spend more than $50 on each child. Do not wrap the gifts and attach the Angel tag securely to the item or the bag it is in.

Cedar River Academy (Taylor School)

Taylor School is now Cedar River Academy at Taylor. We are sponsoring a total of 61 First grade students. This group is to be handled differently than the others. They are asking for one hardbound book each for the children so everyone is treated the same. These books should cost $10 to $15 each. A list of appropriate books is listed below. Please wrap the book you purchase and attach a small title identification tag to the wrapped book.

Recommended books:

  • Elephant and Piggie series – Mo Willems
  • Pete the Cat series – James Dean
  • Skippyjon Jones series – Judith Byron Schachner
  • Don’t Let the Pigeon series – Mo Willems
  • Pinkalicious series – Victoria Kann
  • Fancy Nancy series – Jane O’Connor
  • Anything by Dr. Seuss, Eric Carle or Laura Numeroff