Answering a Call – By Pastor Scott

Do you know anything about President James Garfield?  Garfield was the 20th President of the United States.  He came into office in 1881, serving only 200 days.  Garfield died of infection from a gunshot wound.  While his time in office was short, he made an impact.

The fascinating part of Garfield’s brief Presidency is that he didn’t want to become President in the first place.  He didn’t campaign for the office.  He would have preferred to remain at home with his children.  As Candice Millard writes in her book, “Destiny of the Republic,” on the eve of the inauguration, he told a group of old friends, “This honor comes to me unsought.  I have never had the presidential fever, not even for a day.”

Garfield didn’t want to take on the highest office in the land, but he embraced the responsibility for the good of the country.  His gifts as a lawmaker and capacity to bring peace to feuding parties were well documented.  The country needed Garfield’s talent and wisdom.  Ultimately, he embraced the duty and responsibility that was in front of him.

Garfield’s willingness to take on a leadership role can inspire us as children of God.  What important responsibility is God calling you to embrace?  Where is God calling you to serve?  Are you willing to go and do what the Lord wants?

The Bible is filled with individuals who were reluctant to serve.  Moses did not feel he had the appropriate gifts to lead his people (Exodus 3:11).  Ananias was unsure about his call from God to help bring sight to Saul (Acts 9).  Each of these biblical characters was reluctant to serve, yet in each case, they did what they were asked to do.

As you feel called to accept a leadership role and serve others, might you respond and say “yes.”  It’s natural to be hesitant and timid and too willing to lift up excuses.  Might you boldly embrace the call that comes to serve and lead in family, church, business, and community situations!  You might be the only one who can offer God’s love and message of forgiveness to those desperately needing to hear the Good News.

As you embrace the call too, might you know that you will have help along the way.  The Holy Spirit is a constant presence that goes with you and nudges you to do those acts that are difficult and uncomfortable.  You also have the support of sisters and brothers in the faith.

Might you be open to God’s call in whatever form it comes!  God is calling you to help bring transformation and guidance to a world that needs it!

A Thousand Blessings!  Scott


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