Building Renovation Pre-Construction Efforts Underway

A lot of work has been happening this fall as plans move forward for our building renovations. In September we hired Lovely Lane member Amber Mulnik as the Project Manager for church building renovations. She represents the church at weekly and daily meetings with the architects (Straka Johnson Architects) and our general contractor (Rinderknecht), and brings that information back to the Building
Renovation Core Team for review, approval and direction. She also conducts research to get requested information back to the architects and general contractor, connects various resources, and meets with the Administrative Council and other church groups.

The Building Renovation Core Team (Amber Mulnik, Pastor Scott Meador, Jack Murphy, Erv Mussman, and Eric Wylie) meets twice each month to discuss and direct overall planning. Members of this team are also doing additional work to perform financial analysis, campaign and communications planning, conversations and site visits with area churches that have recently undergone renovation, and other support and planning efforts.

Recent work has included:
– The architects and general contractor meet weekly to fully understand and further develop the project scope and budget
– Sub-contractors were selected through a proposal process that included an independent scoring and ranking by the General Contractor with final review and approval from Lovely Lane
– An asbestos inspection was performed and revealed no concerns
– A thermal imaging study was done to identify air leaks, water intrusion and insulation condition; areas of concern included windows and siding
– A heating and cooling equipment review included a camera scope of air ducts and returns; images indicated solid structures with no issues
– Contractors have been on-site inspecting equipment and structures, collaborating together and asking lots of questions of us to develop cost estimates (HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing)
– Meetings with sub-contractors for audio-visual/communications needs, interior design planning, and more are coming soon
– Research is ongoing for nearby, alternate worship and gathering space for when we will be unable to use the Sanctuary or other rooms

Planning is underway for a short follow-up campaign in January to engage the approximately 50% of Lovely Lane givers who haven’t yet made a pledge to the campaign, and re-engage the entire congregation in the process and plans for the renovations. Shortly thereafter, the Core Team will make a recommendation to the Administrative Council regarding the percentage of the project that can be carried out, based on financial resources available.

Watch for more information to be communicated soon. As always, thank you for your generous support of the missions, ministries and future of Lovely Lane!