Building Renovations Update

A building renovations update was provided to the congregation on Sunday, March 1st, from Amber Mulnik, project manager. To hear the presentation and view the slides, go to

Renovations are planned to start Monday, June 8th, and end by mid-November. The first phase of work includes the parking lot, parking lot lighting, building security, siding, windows and insulation, fire protection, main bathrooms, and HVAC. Interior updates will be in the Narthex and Sanctuary areas.

The congregation has been very supportive of the project, having given more than $673,000 and pledged $1.3 million. The anticipated expenses for phase one improvements are $1.7 million.

The Administrative Council will hold a Church Charge Conference on March 19th to review and discuss the final budget and financing plan and approve the renovation scope and project to move forward.

A Giving Commitment Day and Groundbreaking event will be held on Sunday, May 17. More information will be shared soon.

If you have questions or need more information about giving to the project or renovation details, please contact Amber (

Amber Mulnik, Project Manager, Building Renovations