From Associate Pastor, Rev. Kristina Roth-Klinck

Since March when we went into this pandemic, we have had very little socialization with others as we worked from home, wore masks, socially distanced ourselves, and did not get together with friends. In the midst of all of that, many of us, if not at some point all of us, have...
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photo of chainsaw on stump

From Our New Associate Pastor, Rev. Kristina Roth-Klinck

It seems like just yesterday that I wrote in the newsletter for August about the windstorm back in July when a tree limb fell down! Well, here we are again, with much bigger tree limbs and a much bigger windstorm! I know for many of us, we experienced great damage to our homes,...
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photo of picket fence

From Our New Associate Pastor, Kristina Roth-Klinck

A few weekends ago in that big windstorm, we had a large tree limb come down, thankfully not on our cars! Ryan and I do not have any materials to clean up a large tree limb and did not know where to begin in terms of getting it cleaned up. After coming home from the church one...
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