CWM a Summer of Challenges

Children’s Weekday Ministries (CWM)
A Summer of Challenges

Everyone is dealing with way too many challenges this summer. With the COVID-19 virus, much-needed church renovations, and social distancing, there is a lot—and CWM is feeling it.

Child care is a particular need in Iowa, and we at Lovely Lane are trying to help. Even without the pandemic, Iowa has been identified as a child care desert. Iowa had an estimated shortfall of 350,000 child care slots before the pandemic. As many as 30% of child care slots
have been lost since March.

Lovely Lane’s long history of offering quality care to the children of our community is a bright spot in this situation; but, it has called for persistence, patience, help from the CARES Act, and lots of commitment by our congregation. We ask for everyone’s continued support in the coming months as we continue to seek ways to serve our community families, and thank you in advance for your prayers and support.

Myrna Loehrlein, Chair, CWM Board