Iowa United Methodist Camps Launch Annual Campaign

Summer CamOkoboji and Wesley Woods United Methodist Camps are excited to launch their second annual campaign in preparation for offering youth programs on-site in summer 2021.

Director of Camps and Retreats, Bryan Johnson, views youth camping as a way to support youth and the future of United Methodism. “The sustainability of any church relies upon developing and growing the Christian faith in as many as possible. In that vein, Iowa United Methodist camps are proud to be places where Christ is introduced to young people.”

Financial subsidy for Iowa UM Camps has come through the Iowa Apportionment System for decades until recently when changes to the apportionment system have required the camping ministry in Iowa to identify new sources of support.

While 2020 on-site summer plans altered because of COVID-19, the intention is to have normal programs offered this summer with revised protocols to allow for the safest possible environment. This year, the campaign has set a goal of $200,000 of support.

“While some would see decreased apportionment funding as a bad thing, we see it as a tremendous opportunity to work directly with the tens of thousands of people who have had positive faith experiences at an Iowa United Methodist Camp,” said Johnson. “We have an awesome opportunity to engage our alumni and supporters who understand the powerful experiences that camp provides.”

For more information about the Iowa United Methodist Camps annual campaign or to register for
a summer event, go to, E-mail, or call 800-765-1651.