Life Between Sundays: The Blank Canvas of 2019

As a new year dawns, I find I am looking at it with expectation and joy! The year has yet to unfold, and with it, all the opportunities that it holds. As a very UNprofessional artist, I see 2019 as a blank canvas waiting to be painted on. Next to the canvas is a box of paints in every hue imaginable, and a cup of paint brushes in a variety of sizes and textures. Each day I have the opportunity to pick up a brush and choose a paint color to brush across the canvas all of my hopes, dreams, sorrows and joys for the day. This blank canvas will evolve each day as I serve in ministry, grow in my faith, and live each day to its fullest.

I invite each of you to start 2019 with your blank canvas. As you do, see ways to use your gifts to glorify God, and then discover the rich painting of your life that will burst forth. Some days will be painted with bright and engaging colors, while others will be more subdued or dark and dreary. However you paint your days, be confident in the promise that Christ is in each brush stroke, painting the days with you. You do not go into 2019 on your own. You have Jesus Christ the Savior, the one whose birth we just celebrated, to be a part of every day and night with you, through highs and lows, and all those experiences in between.

With anticipation and joy, I am looking forward to painting the canvas of ministry at Lovely Lane UMC with the colors of youth ministry, Bible study, women’s groups, care and grief ministries, and worship. I am confident that the painting that will be created will evoke emotions of all kinds, and will draw us all closer to Christ and to one another.

Have a Blessed Start to 2019, Pastor Jenny