Life Between Sundays: The Joys of Writing – By Pastor Jenny

When I was in high school, I had a tenth grade English teacher who opened up my world to the expression found in writing. I had always been a kid who wrote plays for the neighbor kids to act. I even attempted writing a chapter book (which I still have in a box somewhere). The new awakening as a teen to the art of writing has served me well in preparing sermons and writing papers for seminary. I enjoy writing!

Writing is a way to organize my thoughts and sort out my feelings, and more than that, it’s fun! I have been writing a children’s book that remains in draft form, and I would like to finish it and seek publishing. I am also writing about my experiences in ministry, namely the experience of being called by God to serve as a pastor. One way to sort through the many different encounters in pastoral ministry is through journaling. I spend time journaling as a part of my daily devotion and prayer time. I also journal some of my day to day experiences. These have turned into essays that I hope one day will be in a book. Sometimes I think the book should be titled “What Do You Mean, Called?” (These are on the days when I feel inadequate in ministry.) At other times I think it should be called the “Joys of Serving.” I guess that’s what the ups and downs of ministry are all about. Mostly, though, I write about how I try each day do God’s will… to attend
to God’s To-Do list and not my own. That’s where a lot of inspiration comes from as I write for a faith blog, THE DENTED FENDER MINISTRY.

Writing, especially journaling, helps ground me as your pastor. I spend daily time with God in order to receive guidance to serve so that people grow closer in their relationship with Christ. As we head into year two together, I pray that God will continue to show us the wisdom and inspiration that comes through God’s inspired word.

– Blessings in Christ, Pastor Jenny 

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