Matthew 25 Transform Week Lovely Lane Team

Matthew 25 Transform Week

June 24-28

Matthew 25 has and continues to be one of the important local missions Lovely Lane has strongly supported over the years.  In the past we have supported Matthew 25 mostly through special offerings.

This year Lovely Lane is taking a more active approach in our support.  We are getting together a group of volunteers to take on one of the 22 improvement projects which are part of the annual Transform Week community renewal program.

At this time please consider devoting a day or two helping our lovely Lane group with the project we are committing to.

Visit for more information or go to to sign up as a participant with the Lovely Lane group.

If you are interested and willing to help for a day or two please sign up as soon as possible as a Lovely Lane volunteer.
As an added bonus you will receive a highly sought after Transform Week tee shirt if signed up by May 31st!!
The project we will be working on includes some inside-the-home work, hanging a sliding door, some outside fence repair, and scraping and painting a single stall detached garage.  There should be something for several skill sets.
Knowing what kind of response I get early from each of you will determine how we promote going forward to get enough volunteers.
Please let me know when and if you sign up to help with the project.
And, everyone is certainly welcome to do some recruiting as well.

Les Minor

Missions / Community Outreach Committee.