Needing Fidelity – By Pastor Scott

I always enjoy visiting Adler Planetarium in Chicago. Each visit reaffirms the vastness of our mighty universe. Whether it’s presentations about the search for new solar systems or observations about the planets we know about, I am constantly filled with awe and wonder. Just when
I think I have a handle on the dimensions of our universe, I see there is more.

A visit to the planetarium makes me think about God the Creator. God is the presence behind everything. God’s handiwork is sensational and
amazing. Just when I think I have our Lord figured out, I see that God is more than I can imagine.

Coming to grips with the vast dimensions of our Creator is a lifelong pursuit. Far too often, we want to know everything about God and why
God works the way God does. We want heavy theological words that answer all of life’s big questions. We don’t want to have any doubts
about our Creator’s work and our Lord’s presence in our life.

This is fine and wonderful, yet our Creator often asks for something different. As respected biblical scholar, Walter Brueggemann, says, “We
want certitude. What God asks of us is fidelity.”

Consider the words we find in Job 11:7-8: “Can you fathom the mysteries of God? Can you probe the limits of the Almighty? They are higher
than the heavens, what can you do? They are deeper than the depths of the grave, what can you know?” (NIV)

These words remind us that we cannot fully understand God through our own powers. Even with complete attention and analysis, we cannot
comprehend our Creator. All of the examinations of God will ultimately fall short of the desired goal. It is a privilege and honor to simply know what we know. Certitude is not possible, but this is not asked or expected of us. All that is needed is fidelity.

I believe we need to study the scriptures and take our faith seriously. We need to have an honest desire to know more, but let us never feel we have arrived and have certitude. God simply asks for our obedience and fidelity. That is enough and it is wonderful!

A Thousand Blessings! Scott