News from Children’s Weekday Ministries

CWM– Children’s Weekday Ministries
*Lovely Lane Preschool *Trinity Lane Preschool *BASE – Before & After School Daycare
CWM always enjoys fall! We fall into our school routines and fall in love with the children as we plan instruction for almost 80 students at Lovely Lane and 80 at Trinity Lane. No one falls through the cracks. We welcome each and every one. Daycare falls in line with nearly 80 students as well. Not everyone is full-time, but the families depend on us to be here every day with our talented and reliable staff that does not fall short in their ability to care for the students in a nurturing and safe environment.

We never fall off the wagon for doing God’s work or fall prey to any philosophy besides our mission of blessing our children and their families with the presence of God’s love. We want our families to fall head over heels in love with our program. We cannot fall asleep at the wheel, and we always fall back on the gifts God has given our teachers—so patient and loving.

Since Trinity Lane is in a new home, teachers are letting old ways fall by the wayside as they embrace the challenges of a new environment. We don’t want to fall behind on installing the playground; Sept. 27th is the set date. Site preparation was done by a company for no charge.

As the curtain falls on the month of September, preschool is busy with school pictures, field trips, KidSight, DHS visits, a fundraiser and Open House. Let the leaves fall where they may.

We’re grateful for our preschool and daycare families and the churches housing our programs.

Happy Fall Y’All . . . . . .