Pews for Sale

We are in the middle of renovations at Lovely Lane. One step in that process is to refurbish our church pews. We have some pews that we are no longer going to use because of the new orientation of the sanctuary. Don’t fret, there will be as much seating as there was before. It’s just that we are transitioning some of the seating to chairs to have more flexibility. We thought rather than throwing out the old pews, we would see if there is any interest from our congregation in buying them. The proceeds would go toward the renovation costs.

We are going to start by offering them for sale

  • First come, first pick
  • Sold as is
  • You arrange the transportation

Whatever is left we’ll put into a silent auction. Here’s what’s available.

Regular square ends:

60 inch (3 available) $700 each

42 inch (6 available – one is yellow) $525 each

Angled end (these were in the choir loft and the seats were slightly angled to make the curvature)

60 inch (2 available) $700 each

56 inch (1 available) $650 each

53 inch (3 available – one is a little rickety so we’ll knock $100 off that one) $620 each

45 inch (2 available) $525 each

32 inch (2 available) $375 each

We will give everyone a few days to consider this, then start taking requests at 8 am on March 22. Be sure to include the size you want. Send your request to Linda Carollo at I will contact people in the order the emails are received to organize a meeting at the church to pick out and transport your purchases. Remember first come, first pick.