Resolutions for the Bereaved

(From Mercy Hospice newsletter Jan./Feb. 2018)

I will…
*stop saying “I’m fine” when it isn’t true.
*ignore hurtful comments from well-intentioned people.
*start focusing on what was gained in my experience rather than what was lost.
*say my loved one’s name in the company of others.
*laugh and not feel guilty about it.
*support someone else who has had a loss.
*try something I have always wanted to do.
*start a new project or finish an old one.
*make dates to get together with family/friends.
*take 20 minutes per day to relax with meditation or by spending some time in the sun.
*express my feelings by journaling, attending a support group, or in my own creative way.
*not be embarrassed when I cry at unexpected times in unexpected places. I will accept this as part of being human.