Senior High Youth October Schedule

Senior High Youth Group, Grades 9-12, meets on Sundays at the church. Things will look a bit different this Fall, however:

We start at 6 PM with Supper and conclude at 7:45 PM, which is a bit later than last year. NEW this fall: pizza almost every week! We’ll have a standing pizza order that will be delivered and served. (I hope by parents that sign up.) Two times per month we’ll start youth group with 30 mins. of worship—this will include 2-3 praise songs, a short scripture reading, and a sharing of highs and lows. Then, we will have a time for small group discussion around the theme of the worship. There will NOT be preaching, just a focus on worship. One time per month we will do games …sometimes at the church and sometimes off-site. On those nights, supper will be BFD-Breakfast For Dinner, and youth will cook! Pancakes, French toast, eggs, etc. One time per month we will do some sort of mission project, both at the church and off-site. Pizza will be served on these nights as well.

October Schedule 6:00-7:45 PM:
Oct. 7 Pizza Supper, Worship, and small group fun
Oct. 14 Games and Youth cook supper – BFD (Breakfast for Dinner)
Oct. 21 Pizza Supper, Worship, and small group fun
Oct. 28 Mission Project Off-site: Raking for folks

For more information, contact Pastor Jenny @ 319-393-6674 or