Sunday School 2018 – 2019

We start off 2019 by studying the New Testament beginning with the book of Matthew and House on the Rock. The children will enjoy the lessons of Story & Games, Art, Cooking, and Science for each biblical topic. We have wonderful, caring teachers who share the stories and activities.

The children will sing on Palm Sunday and Mother’s Day, so mark those dates on your calendars. Our last Sunday School date is May 19.

Over the summer we will continue to have children’s special reading during worship beginning on June 2nd. I’ll be looking for volunteer readers; take time now to think about how you can help!

Thank you and may God Bless you in 2019! Mrs. G (Barb)

Sunday School Adventure:

Where we experience the ride of a lifetime with God!

Come journey with the best teachers who will share Stories of Adventurous Activities from the Bible! Learn, have fun and engage in events that will have you diving in to explore the Bible!

9:15 Sunday School:

Classes are available for the following:

  • Elementary children PreK to 5th grade are using a multi-age format when gathering for music in Room 100.   Spark House Activate Faith lessons for Science, Stories & Games, Art and Cooking are rotated each week.  Stories used are rooted firmly in the Bible.
  • Middle School youth will meet in Youth Room (106) and use Spark House Connect – a Bible centered approach for preteens to learn about abstract ideas in a concrete way.
  • High School age youth will be Sunday School volunteer helpers!
  • Adult Class / Faith Issues will meet in Library
  • Adult Class / Faith Journeys will meet in Room 205 

10:45 Sunday School: 

Children ages preschool through 5th grade are invited to Kid’s Club on Wednesday evenings. Children will learn about adventures with God, the Bible, fun experiences and fun with friends.


Register for 2018/2019 Sunday School or Kids Club. Please fill out a separate form for each child.


Or download, print and bring the form to church.

Sunday School and Kids Club Registration Form


There are also many other opportunities for study outside of Sunday morning with Bible Studies and other classes and groups.

Please check our Monthly Newsletters or Weekly Announcements to learn more about what is currently available.