Your Shoe Box Gifts Travel to the Ends of the Earth

Dear friends at Lovely Lane UMC,

God is good! I recently learned some statistics about the success of Operation Christmas Child 2019. There were 10,569,405 shoe box gifts collected. Shoe boxes were packed by individuals and families in 10 countries: Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Shoe box gifts collected in 2019 will be distributed to 118 countries and territories, including 27 hard-toreach countries not named for security reasons. 4.3 Million children are enrolled in The Greatest Journey gospel study program and 2.2 Million reported decisions for Jesus Christ. \ Many children around the world have never heard the Gospel message of eternal life in Jesus Christ. They live in hard-to-reach, impoverished communities where parents struggle to provide the basics. Rarely, if ever, do the children receive a present that’s just for them. They received shoe boxes full of special gifts. And, for the first time, these children heard that God loves them. This has resulted in evangelism, discipleship, and multiplication across the world! Starting churches where there are none.

I’m so proud of the wonderful work of this program and proud to be a part of it. Please know your help has made a difference… a 10 MILLION children, difference. Thank you, Lovely Lane, for being a part of this! Your friend in Christ. Your friend in Christ. Your friend in Christ.

Your friend in Christ. ReGina Culbertson